Top 5 Tips for Article Writing

If you have a knack for writing then you need to start article writing. Online articles are increasing in popularity because people nowadays simply want everything to be ready at the blink of an eye. One click in a website and they will have all the information they need whether it’s about sports, business, travel, food, or fashion, etc.

Does-It-Still-ConvertIf you have a knack for writing, then you might want to take online writing as a career. You may do it part-time or full-time, it’s all up to you. Whatever kind of writing you want, writing online articles is flexible enough to fit your preference.

 Tips to Article Writing

1. Spice Up Your Title

Create a catchy title. A boring title cannot capture a potential reader’s interest. You need to be creative when writing a title for your article or else it will simply fade behind the sizzling titles other writers have written. It should be something that will grab a person’s attention and force him/her to read it. Make it short and on-point.

2. Speak to Your Audience

Have a target audience in mind. Keep in mind that in article writing you are writing for others and not for yourself. It might be tempting to generalize a topic, but people want to read an article that speaks directly to them. If it’s your first time to do such article, write something about a topic that interests your close friend or family. While writing, keep in mind of that person. If you write with a “friendly” relation in mind, your article wouldn’t come out as a stiff read. It will be fun and easy to read. You will be able to connect with potential readers as someone who is providing a friendly piece of advice or information.

3. Fill it with Substance

Resist the urge to fill your article with fluff. Fill your article with useful and valuable information. Provide personal experiences to be able to connect with your readers. Your real life illustrations can provide practical ideas to your readers that will move them to action. Your reader will respond according to the details in your article writing. So make sure that it is something worthwhile.

4. Web-Friendly

Create an article that is web-friendly and professional. Use short sentences, sub-headings and bullets. Readers easily get bored in reading long stringed phrases that flows nonstop. It appears unprofessional on a website. Also make sure that you are using the proper layout for your article. Some of the catchy layouts for online writing are question and answer, problem and solutions, interviews, and lists of tips.

5. Images and Background

The background of your website is also important. Make sure that the font colors are in perfect contrast with the background. You may also add graphics or photos to make your article look more attractive.

6. Research

writing skillsYou need to research a lot. Readers will know if you are simply guessing and going in circles with your subject. If you are interested in writing about a particular subject, read a lot about it. After your research, try to write down a few sentences or words that you would like to include in your writing. Then put the sentences in order and start writing paragraphs.

If your article is well-researched, your readers will enjoy your article and will respect you as a writer. They will go back to your site for more because they know that you write about something that you truly understand.

So there you go. You already know how to write an article for a website. It’s time to start your career in article writing and distribute your write ups on the web.